High quality locks for high quality security

Albany, NY

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible lock and security products available. That is why we are dealers for some of the best manufacturers in the industry. See below for some of our prefered providers.

Medeco High Security Locks

Medeco locks are high security restricted lock and key system. Each key is registered, prohibiting the keys from being replicated anywhere other than Ye Ole Locksmith. Keys are only able to be cut by individuals who have been approved on a list at the time of registration of the lock.

Emtek Locks

Emtek provide a line of designer locks and hinges that are made to blend in with any type of decor in your home or business. Emtek locks blend in with more design elements, providing for a seamless and streamlined look of your design.

Gardall Safes

One of the premier safe companines in the US, Gardall Safes are built to last. Whether you need a simple document safe, gun safe or even a depository safe, Gardall provides them all. Fire proof safes are also available